Small Company. Big World

Small Company. Big World is the ultimate guide to international business development for small business in the global arena.


Why go international?

Small and Medium Enterprises—SMEs—account for over two-thirds of economic activity in the western world. Yet only a tiny portion of small business sells their products or services abroad. Don’t limit your company to one market, endless amounts of international customers are waiting for you! Small Company. Big World is a guide to international business development for small business that helps small companies to grow and profit from internationalization. Find out what do you need to do to take your business abroad.

International Business Development explained for small business

With Small Company Big World, you can stand on the shoulders of a giant. Start your journey to international trade with the experience of the writer who has helped more than 500 small companies to go international. Small Company Big World lays out the practical steps to identify and approach new markets abroad. Develop your business vision and learn how to find the perfect match for your company. Small Company. Big World helps small business to go international by explaining every step along the way to international success.

Practical Guide with useful tools to plan your business

William Frost shows how small businesses can make the best out of their potential, and navigate through the opportunities – and traps in foreign markets. Learn how to make the right approach to the right people at the right time and succeed in negotiations. Small Company. Big World helps you to launch your global success story with practical advice, useful checklists and examples from real cases.

Discover what millions of small businesses have discovered before you with Small Company. Big World: Your company is not too small — and the world is not that big.

Your small business already has most of what is required to be global. All you need now is the courage to act..

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